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Foreign staff recruitment service

All-inclusive services
for recruitment of foreign staff for patients care.

The published estimates of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan states that the missing number of patient care staff in 2035 will increase 20 times compared to 2015. This is due to the following factors: 1) general reduction of working population, 2) population ageing, 3) growth of demand for such services as part of the government policy against staff turnover in patient care sector.

Employment of foreigners for patients care is currently perceived as one of solutions against staff shortages in this sector.

Our company has launched an all-inclusive foreign staff recruitment service to take care of foreign patients using the network emerged over many years of working in international business in order to facilitate this matter.

In cooperation with the partner companies, AKARI (Sri Lanka) and JAPAN POLARIS (Philippines), which are recruitment agencies owning training centers in the countries, we have also elaborated a training program for relevant staff.
The centers and recruitment agencies are managed by a single company which enables to recruit staff meeting the specific needs of a particular hiring company.

Our company possesses a license for commercial recruitment services and assistance in registering staff. We assist in foreign staff recruitment (technical interns visa, specialists working visa requiring special skills, and work visa), their employment and arrangement of supervisory committees.

We are looking forward to receive inquiries from any companies, even ones without experience of hiring foreign staff.

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